February 28, 2022. 
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H1B visa: Immigrating as a highly-skilled professional

Did you know that the most dominant group of visa applicants for the 2020 fiscal year came from the IT industry? If you’re a highly-skilled professional with a Bachelor’s degree or higher, working in the U.S. is no hassle. This puts you in a good position to apply for the H1B visa reserved for a limited number of applicants who want to move to the U.S. and continue their employment there.

The future U.S. employer files the petition on your behalf

The H1B visa system refers to a strict system of selection. Only the most qualified visa applicants will get the visa. There is an annual application cap that restricts more than 85,000 visa applicants to apply for this work visa. The future U.S. employer and the duration of your work contract condition this temporary visa. Therefore, the future U.S. employer starts the process by filling out the petition on your behalf. Being a highly-skilled professional, you must be skilled enough to find your future U.S. employer before the process starts. Arranging a work engagement in the U.S. for a particular period is a must. Each U.S. employer has a limit of 250 petitions yearly. Your work contract is the major requirement for your H1B visa application.

Your work experience may substitute for your education

In some exceptional cases, your employer may take into account your previous work experience and professional qualifications that are equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in the United States. If you decide to go this way, check with your future U.S. employer if they would accept a verification by Foreign Credential Evaluations or Work Experience Evaluations in the United States. These two could help you qualify for the H1B visa even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, its U.S. equivalent, or a higher education degree. Start in time and obtain the verification before applying for a job in the United States.

You have to be lucky enough to get the H1B visa

Your qualifications, a spotless visa application, and a work contract with your future U.S. employer are not enough. You got to have a little bit of luck to enter the lottery. Your future U.S. employer registers for one or more employees. Due to a large number of eligible applicants coming from all over the world, there is the annual lottery. As a beneficiary, your registration status could be: selected if your employer is ready to file the petition for your visa, not selected, or denied if there is more than one registration made for you.

What about the Green card?

The H1B visa is a work visa that qualifies you for the employment-based Green card. Initially, the visa allows you to stay in the U.S. and work for up to three years. It could extend for an additional three years. For more information, a streamlined application process, and tips on how to apply, contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you.


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