How many types of U.S. visas are there?
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How many types of U.S. visas are there?

You’re probably wondering about the exact number of visa types out there. The answer is two. Specifically, U.S. visas are categorized into immigrant and non-immigrant ones. It all depends on your travel intent. The USCIS covers various life scenarios in which you’ll require a U.S. visa for travel. Accordingly, here is a quick recap of all U.S. visas to apply for in case you’re planning to get to the United States at one point in your life.

Visitor visas

These visas have the least number of requirements. Hence, it is fairly easy to apply if you have a favorable background, enough money to cover your stay in the U.S., and no criminal record.

A – foreign government officials and diplomats
B-1 – amateur and professional athletes who are competing for prize money; business visitors; nannies or domestic employees
B-2 – visitors for medical treatment; tourists
C – transit in the U.S.
D – crewmembers

Work visas

The application process is initiated by your future U.S. employer who starts a petition on your behalf. Therefore, after the petition approval, you apply for a visa and attend your interview.

H1-B – physicians and highly specialized occupations requiring specific industry knowledge
H2-A – temporary workers for seasonal agriculture
H2-B – temporary workers for non-agricultural professions
H3 – training programs
H1-C – nurses traveling to areas that have a shortage of healthcare professionals
I – information media representatives and journalists
P – entertainers, artists, and athletes
R – religious workers

Student visas

Pay your SEVIS fee before applying for a student visa. In other words, this is the qualifying step for starting a student visa application.

F-1 – language and academic students
M-1 – vocational students

Family visas

The application process is initiated by your immediate relative who starts a petition on your behalf. Therefore, after the petition approval, you apply for a visa and attend your interview.

K-1 – fiancé(e)’s of U.S. citizens
CR1/IR1 – spouses of U.S. citizens or permanent residents
IR5 – parents of U.S. citizens
IR-2 visa – children of U.S. citizens

Specialized visas

In the same way, you need to fulfill certain requirements to become a candidate for one of the specialized visas. More specifically, the application process depends on your choice of visa.

J-1 – au-pairs; professors, scholars, and teachers as exchange visitors
O-1 – foreign nationals possessing excellent knowledge and abilities in the fields of art, science, education, athletics, or business
Q – international cultural exchange visitors
T-1 – human trafficking victims
U-1 – crime victims
DV – diverse immigrants
SB – returning residents

Finally, carefully consider your travel motivations and choose the right visa type for you. Inform yourself about U.S. visa divisions and requirements before you fill out your application. Thus, if you apply for the wrong visa type, your visa will be refused. In conclusion, contact our team of visa specialists who will help you not make this mistake.

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