July 8, 2021. 
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How to Get Your U.S. Transit Visa | Application Process and Interview Tips

Tick-tock - you’re one day closer to your Machu Picchu trip of dreams! Your flight ticket says you’ll make a four-hour stop in Miami to board your connecting flight to Peru. Even though you won’t do any sightseeing or hit the beach, you need a U.S. visa simply because you’ll spend time on United States territory. Take a look at the blog post below, and learn more about the U.S. Transit Visa.

U.S. Transit Visa: Learn the ABC

You will need the C1 Transit visa if your travel plan includes a layover in the United States to catch a connecting flight or boat to reach your desired destination. This visa allows you a transit through the United States to continue your journey. It is restricted to transiting - you’re not allowed to do tourism, business, or study once you arrive in the U.S. In case such intentions exist, check out our official Visitor visa page, and start the process while you’re outside the United States.

Meet the requirements for the Transit Visa

You need a passport with a blank page and at least six months validity beyond the moment you leave the United States. The general requirements for the C1 Transit visa are having no criminal record and possessing enough funds to cover your stay in the United States. As for the rest, our immigration and United States visa consultants give you full visa consulting with a list of needed documents.

The Embassy or Consulate sometimes requests additional information that proves you won’t behave outside the limits and principles of the C1 Transit visa. These documents are useful: your travel plan that specifies your point of transit through the United States, a letter of intent explaining the purpose of your travel to the desired destination, and proof of your strong ties to your home country. If someone is sponsoring your trip, present your invitation letter. If you are a Canadian or Bermudian citizen or hold another valid visa or ESTA, you won’t need the C1 Transit visa.

Know the limits

The C1 Transit visa lets you stay in the United States for a maximum of 29 days or until the day your connecting flight or boat leaves. A request to change your visa while in the United States, such as applying for a Green Card or adjustment of status, will be refused. Here at VisaExpress, the dedicated consultants help you stay on track. They also help you learn about actions that most often affect one’s visa application negatively.

U.S. Transit Visa: Start the process

Go to our official Transit visa page, and schedule a consultation with us. You get quick service - available 24/7 and suited to your needs. Prioritize your C1 Transit visa and start the process as soon as you make your travel arrangements. Keep in mind that nowadays Covid-19 largely affects the response time of United States embassies and consulates around the world, so the longer you wait before submitting your application, the smaller are the chances for managing to secure an early interview appointment.

Planning to work as a crewmember? We’ve got you covered!

Working as a member of an international team while traveling the world sounds perfect - we know, right? Yet, a pile of paperwork needs to be sorted out before you embark on your adventure. On top of your checklist is a United States visa that will help you achieve your goal. The appropriate visa for transiting through the United States while working as a crewmember on a sea vessel or an aircraft carrier is the C1/D Crewmember visa. While you’re picking out a service plan, take a look at these precious visa interview tips:

Make your interview a big success

As soon as you confirm the time and place of your visa interview - start preparing. Our Premium plan comes with incredible features and focuses on your visa interview training. When you upgrade to our VIP plan, you also benefit from a mock visa interview with an immigration and United States visa expert.

  • Arrive neatly dressed with your documents organized in a binder.
  • Collect information on your travel plan, including the location of your point of transit through the United States.
  • Bring your round trip itinerary without paying the full price of the travel ticket. Your visa validity can be adjusted to the period you plan on spending on your final destination. You can purchase a real flight or voyage ticket later.
  • Sit or stand straight and don’t be nervous when providing answers.
  • Don’t overshare or talk a lot. Say that you are just transiting to another destination.

Thanks to the Interview Waiver Program, if you are under 14 years of age or over 79 years of age, you might not have to attend your visa interview. The Embassy or Consulate holds the right to select random applicants and invite them to the interview. Our visa experts are here to offer you all the information regarding the Interview Waiver Program, and assist you all the way.

Machu Picchu mode ON

Save your valuable time and focus on other things from your Peru adventure plan. Leave your application in our hands—we know that getting from point A to point B isn't always a direct line. In the meantime, we offer professional consulting and tailored assistance!


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