March 6, 2022. 
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Visitor Visa Invitation Letter - All About It

Having an invitation letter for your upcoming trip to the U.S. will not guarantee your visa approval. However, it will show to the Consular Officer that you know someone in the U.S. and have a particular reason to travel. There are different points of contact in the U.S., so make sure you choose the inviter whose invitation will increase your chances for visa approval. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business purposes, your visa invitation letter will improve the likelihood of having a visitor visa in your hands soon.

Is a visitor visa invitation letter mandatory?

This is not a required document. The U.S. visitor visa doesn’t have the required documents. Yet, some documents such as an invitation letter support your visa application. Thus, a visitor visa invitation letter is not mandatory but it helps you travel to the United States. There are different motivations for requesting a Visitor visa. Maybe you’ll be traveling to the U.S. to attend a job interview or visit a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. Both of these cases, and similar ones, could make use of an invitation letter.

Who writes the letter?

The U.S. citizens and LPRs who want to invite their family members or friends to visit them in the U.S. are the inviters. They formulate a visitor visa invitation letter where they state that they will cover the cost of your travel and accommodation in the United States. If you will travel for business, the inviter could be a non-profit organization or company. The sole requirement is that your U.S. point of contact has formed a connection with you before writing an invitation letter for your visa application. 

What are the contents of the letter?

Your invitation letter will be addressed to you. The inviter will state that they will cover your travel expenses, accommodation, and anything related during your stay in the United States. The invitation letter will contain information about the connection between the beneficiary and the inviter. It will have your travel dates and a description of your reason for applying for a Visitor visa.

What does the submission process look like?

The inviter formulates the letter in a digital or hard-copy and signs it. Later, they send you the letter via post or electronically. You bring the letter in a hard copy with your documents to your visa interview. The Consular Officer will review your letter as a supporting document. Be prepared to explain your connection to the inviter and reiterate your travel intent.

We hope you will decide to include a visitor visa invitation letter as a part of your visitor visa application. Reach out to our team of visa specialists to get help with your visa application, invitation letter included.


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