March 12, 2022. 
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How to prepare and apply for the M1 Student visa?

For visiting the U.S. in order to receive vocational training you’ll need the M1 Student visa. Don’t confuse this one with the F1 Student visa that is for attending an educational institution for credit. The M1 visa helps you take specialized courses or classes that will provide you with technical knowledge about a field in which you might work, but without receiving credit. Consider an array of requirements and steps for this non-immigrant visa before you initiate the application process.

Do this before applying

The essential first step is to be accepted to a SEVP certified institution in the U.S. that will hold the vocational training of your choice. Once you obtain the confirmation from the institution, you’ll start working on your M1 visa eligibility. The next step is to secure your financial independence in the U.S. during the course of your training. Thirdly, improve your English language skills as you’ll need to prove that you’ll be able to follow the training in English.

With good preparation, the M1 visa application process is easy

In case you’ve met the required standards, you can start your visa application journey. Complete the application form, schedule an Embassy interview, and hope for the best. Your supporting documents vouch for your eligibility, while the Consular Officer makes the final decision. The pro tip is to convince the Consular Officer that you’re not planning to immigrate but simply attend your training and return home. There are ways to increase your chances, so contact us to find out more.

There are many benefits of having the M1 visa

Upon landing in the U.S., you’ll have a chance to change your vocational training to a different one. This is possible within the first six months of your stay. You’ll be able to work in a field related to your training after you obtain the M1 Visa Work Permit. Additionally, you’ll be able to bring your dependants as a company. They would apply for the M2 visa and stay with you until the end of your vocational training.

Keep in mind these M1 visa limitations

There is no generally confirmed duration of the M1 Student visa validity. You won’t be allowed to take any courses for credit or attend your training as a part-time student. In addition, attending a language course or working outside your vocational training sphere is not permitted.

Whatever vocational training you pick out for yourself in the U.S, consider the requirements and restrictions of the M1 Student visa. Good preparation goes a long way towards your visa approval. Take notes and begin your journey with confidence. Our team of visa specialists will help you prepare in the best possible way.


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