October 11, 2021. 
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Top Reasons for the C1/D Crewmember Visa Denial

Did you know that you can actually enjoy bureaucracy? Many seafarers and aircraft workers wouldn’t agree. Once you decide to work on a sea vessel or aircraft that plans to transit the United States, you need the C1/D Crewmember visa that will allow you to spend time on the United States territory while you’re working on board. The visa application process is rather complex but VisaExpress makes things easy for you. Make sure you read about the most common reasons for C1/D visa denial and start your way to a successful visa application!

1. You don’t have a contract letter from your employer

This is a “must-have”; the contract letter is a guarantee of your professional relationship and the basis for your C1/D visa application. Make sure you obtain the letter before you start the process. The letter usually contains information such as your salary, description of your work post, the length of your work contract, vacation days, and travel plan. We’re here to help with all the needed info and assist you at every step of the way. Simply contact us to get a quick response from a U.S visa online consultant.

2. Providing false information

Honesty is the best policy and we’re here to remind you that every piece of information you submit is going to be double-checked by the Consular Officers. If you’re not sure about a particular piece of information or you simply forgot the last time you were issued a United States visa - stop worrying. Contact us and tell us more about the specific situation you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that telling the truth is the sure way towards your C1/D visa approval.

3. Flaws in application

Mistakes and misunderstandings are common but they will get your visa denied. We all know that visa forms are strict and need to be respected. All requirements are rigid and must be met. Moreover, you need to have a favorable background and legitimate reason to apply for the C1/D visa. We understand that you would like things to be more flexible, but here is the great thing - we help you avoid mistakes in your application, review all visa forms, and check if all requirements are being met. So no worries there.

4. You plan to do tourism or business in the United States

The United States is a beautiful country and we couldn’t agree more. Touring the country’s landmarks or making business deals in person is as exciting as it sounds. However, when you apply for the C1/D visa, you’re only allowed to get off your sea vessel or aircraft and spend time in transit. If you mention that you’re planning to do tourism or business, your visa will be denied on the spot.

5. Your trip to the United States is not covered either by you or your employer

Traveling to the United States has never been cheap. You need money for accommodation, food, and other expenses that you will certainly have. That is why you need to ensure and show that you have enough money to cover your stay in the United States, however short it might actually be. Your employer can help you by covering your expenses. This can be placed in your contract or an invitation letter. A part of our service is creating an invitation letter on behalf of your employer. Start the process and seize this amazing opportunity.

6. You applied for the wrong visa

This can happen to anyone. If you haven’t found enough time to do research and figure out that the U.S. crewmember visa is the one you need, your visa will be denied because your travel plan will not match the visa you have applied for. Check your options and choose the right visa type before submitting your application.

7. Poor communication with the consular officer

You know that feeling when you want to say something but everything that comes out of your mouth simply sounds wrong? This happens a lot during visa applicants’ communication with Consular Officers. Moreover, if you don’t speak English fluently enough to attend your visa interview in English, you might feel lost. Be aware of your capabilities and get help from a translator who will be present during your interview. For everything else, start the process and arrange a mock visa interview with one of our visa online consultants, to get a glimpse of the real-life visa interview and make sure you’re ready when the time comes.

8. You don’t demonstrate to have strong ties to your country

The most important thing the Consular Officers want to hear is that you don’t want to immigrate to the United States. If you don’t have a family to go back to, a steady job, a loan, an estate, or any other binding proof that demonstrates your close connection to the country of your residence, it might look that you’re coming to the United States with another intention. Clearly state that you’re only planning to transit the United States while you’re working as a crewmember of a sea vessel or aircraft.

9. You don’t provide definite and specific answers during your visa interview

Whenever possible, provide definite, informed, and focused answers on the reasons why you need the U.S. crewmember visa. Find out when you start your onboard work and when exactly you finish. Try to be as straightforward as you can because the Consular Officers like that kind of appearance and information. It shows that you know why you’re looking for the U.S. crewmember visa.

10. Arguing with the consular officer

This is a big NO. Never start a fight or discussion with the consular officer who is interviewing you. Regardless of the triggering questions or stage fright, collect yourself and stay calm. When you apply through VisaExpress, your personal visa concierge prepares you for the interview by giving you training and useful tips. We do all the heavy lifting during the entire visa process and provide you with consultation and assistance throughout every stage. That is why your chances are increased, and your concerns are minimized.

We offer you the list of the most frequent causes of the C1/D Crewmember visa denial to help you prepare for your visa application in the best way possible. You can begin the process with our help here. We’re more than glad to help you reach your goal!


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