October 21, 2021. 
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Spouse Visa: Top Reasons For Denial

When you as a United States citizen start the petition for the IR1/CR1 Spouse visa, it is only logical that your foreign spouse expects to have the visa granted. But what if that doesn’t happen? Best to be ready and aware of the top reasons why the Spouse visa usually doesn't get approval.

1. Errors in forms

Take your time and don’t rush the petition started by you, a United States citizen, or the application filled out by your foreign spouse. Read the forms carefully and complete them with the correct information. If you enter false or incomplete information, your Spouse visa petition or application won't get approval. Prevent this from happening and count on the professional support of your dedicated visa consultant at VisaExpress.

2. Fake documents

Be aware that fake documents will not go through. Namely, Consular Officers perform background checks on you, your foreign spouse, and the submitted documents. In case you can’t access a particular document or have lost a document due to a move, fire, or flood, it is good to provide a written explanation. You can fully prepare to start your journey by booking your free consultation with one of our online visa consultants visa.

3. Lack of marriage evidence

Never photoshop photos to trick the Consular Officers into thinking that your marriage is real. The truth is that any kind of scam is detected in time. Photos from your wedding, vacations or the moments where you share your bond are trustworthy proof of your marriage. Equally important are legal documents that carry both of your names. Start the journey and access the ultimate list of marriage evidence examples. Your assigned online visa consultant pays attention to every little detail, which escalates the chance of your success.

4. Incompatibilities between the petitioner and the foreign spouse

Your spouse is your best friend and your application needs to reflect that. If your foreign spouse is not familiar with the essential details of your biography, there is a good possibility that the Consular Officer interviewing them has doubts about the genuineness of your marriage. They should prepare to talk about your relationship as well as distinct physical traits that you have - such as birthmarks or scars. The great news is that your foreign spouse has the opportunity to ace their Embassy interview thanks to tips and training provided by your VisaExpress personal visa consultant.

5. Big age difference

Love doesn’t care if someone is younger or older, but Consular Officers might. That shouldn’t be an objective issue, however, you just have to invest more effort to prove that your marriage is real. This is where your personal visa consultant from VisaExpress joins in. They help you prepare the story of your marriage together with a file containing evidence that confirms it. It is all about being transparent with your relationship and proving that in front of Consular Officers.

6. Documents are in a foreign language

Stay away from this newbie mistake and submit English translations of documents that are originally in a foreign language. Every document sent to the Embassy must be in English. The translations need to have an official stamp that confirms their authenticity. Considering the long-term benefits of the Spouse visa, find a little extra time to translate the documents in a foreign language.

7. The petitioner can’t cover their foreign spouse’s stay in the United States

Even though it might be demanding, you as a United States citizen who sponsors your foreign spouse’s visa need to meet the income requirements. To ensure that you can financially cover your foreign spouse’s stay in the United States, Consular Officers expect you have a regular income. It doesn’t look good if you’re not employed. The Consular Officers want to make sure that your foreign spouse won’t live on social welfare until their employment. Avoid denial and check your income eligibility. Your dedicated visa consultant will make sure your visa case receives the necessary attention so you will have one less thing to worry about.

8. The foreign spouse is not eligible

Moreover, if your foreign spouse hasn’t finalized their potential divorce in the country where they reside or can’t prove that they have a favorable background, their Spouse visa application might not get approval. Moreover, if you’ve been married for less than two years at the moment you submit the petition, there is a high probability that the Spouse visa will not be granted to your foreign spouse. Start the application as soon as you become eligible.

9. Previous visa refusals

Namely, if your foreign spouse applied for a different visa in the past and got denied, that outcome affects their present-day Spouse visa application. Thus, if your foreign spouse wants to know how to present themselves best at the Embassy interview, start the journey with the experienced help of your dedicated visa consultant.

10. The petitioner filed for another foreign citizen in the past

If you petitioned for another foreign fiancé(e) or spouse of yours in the past, it might seem that you are a part of the business of helping foreigners obtain United States permanent residence. Doesn’t sound good, does it? The Consular Officers need your honest explanation of the reasons why you already sponsored an applicant that is not your present-day foreign spouse. Kindly note that all of your doubts or questions are resolved and answered by our team of immigration and visa experts who are waiting for your call.

We hope this list will help you not make these mistakes when you start the petition for your foreign spouse. VisaExpress is here to offer you a stress-free experience. Start your IR1/CR1 Spouse visa application journey with us!


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