February 23, 2022. 
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Business Visa: Most Frequently Asked Questions

U.S. Visitor Visa has two subcategories: B2 Tourist Visa and B1 Business Visa. Depending on your purpose of travel, you can apply for a B1, B2, or a combination B1/B2 visa. In this blog post, we focus on the B1 Business visa and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this visa type.

1. What is a U.S. business visa?

A B1 business visa is a non-immigrant visa intended for foreign nationals who want to travel to the United States for business.

2. Who is eligible for a business visa?

Eligibility criteria for a business visa vary for different applicants. For instance, general requirements include having sufficient financial means, strong ties to your home countries, and not having a criminal record.

3. Can a spouse of a B1 visa holder apply for a dependent visa?

The B1 visa doesn’t allow dependents. Specifically, spouses and children of B1 visa applicants need to file their applications separately for a B2 visa.

4. Do family members of a B1 visa holder automatically qualify for B2 visas?

Family members of a B1 visa holder need to demonstrate that they meet the requirements for a B2 visa first.

5. What type of activities are permitted on a B1 visa?

To illustrate, with a B1 visa, you can attend a conference, do business transactions that don’t involve paid work in the United States, consult with business partners, conduct negotiations, do independent research, perform activities that don’t include selling products, accepting donations, or receiving a salary, and more.

6. What if I do activities that are not permitted under a B1 visa?

In such cases, you’re risking being fined and even barred from re-entering the United States.

7. Can I apply for a green card while on a B1 visa?

Although there are dual intent visas, such as a K1 visa, a B1 business visa is specifically intended for non-immigration purposes. Namely, on a B visa, you can only stay for a limited period in the U.S., and therefore you cannot apply for a green card.

8. How long can I stay in the United States on a B1 visa?

With a B1 visa, you can stay for up to six months in the U.S.

9. Can I work with my valid B1 visa with a new employer?

Yes, as long as your visa is valid, it doesn’t matter if your visa has been issued while you were working for a different employer.

10. How long does it take to receive a U.S. business visa?

The amount of time it will take for you to obtain your B1 visa depends on different factors. In fact, the maximum time it might take is up to three months.

11. Is there an annual limit to how many people can apply for a B1 visa?

No, there is no annual limit.

12. How long is the B1 visa valid for?

The B1 visa is valid for up to 10 years.

13. Can I extend my stay on a B1 visa?

As a matter of fact, yes. If there’s a valid reason, you can extend your stay on a B1 visa.

14. How much is the extension fee?

B1 visa extension fee is $370.

We hope that these will help you gain an insight into the B1 visa requirements, and navigate the process with ease. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re happy to help!


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